In 2014 I became involved with the Aeon Project, which was fiction writing, painting and music, based around chaos magic.

Initially this was with a group of people, and then I subsequently finished the fiction part of it on my own. I am in a writing  partnership with a chaos muse called Ino, who can be seen as a nymph or a demon. We have produced twelve books of visionary and metaphysical fiction, which are free to download from Smashwords.  See the ‘Free Books’ tab at the top of this page for links.

The books are also on a free reading website called Obooko, and they are on Amazon Kindle (it is compulsory to charge a small price on there, but Amazon may price-match with other sites.)

We also write poetry and micro- fictions, most of which have  been published before as collections on free PDFs. Items from our large back catalogue, and newer writing, are  both featured on this blog.

What I want the most as an author is for my books to be read and enjoyed, which is why they are free, and I would also like to spread information about the occult. I am happy that many free books and PDFs have been downloaded.

chaos star

Don’t kill the daisies by cutting the grass
Let it grow over the street
Let it grow over my house
Let it grow over my head
Don’t kill the daisies by cutting the grass
Let it grow over my life
Let it grow over the world
Let it grow over the real