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Lydia and her girlfriend Moona are classical musicians with a strong interest in the esoteric. Lydia encounters a time travel current which can change her destiny, and her destiny is also linked with a past life in pre-historic times.  When true love and her time of death are in the mix, it is vitally important that she learns how to manipulate the timelines.

The story is told by Lydia and like my other books it is based on magic and the occult. However, this one has a dystopian shade to it.

Ryan, a young magician from an English magical lodge, undertakes a dangerous quest to become a psychopomp, a guide of the dead,and afterwards to find his true love who has gone hitchhiking without him. During his trance he encounters angels, gods, djinn and troubled souls, and joins a rescue circle of dedicated Spiritualists who are more skilled than himself.

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Jasper is an apprentice magician in a society of the future, where chaos magic has become the dominant religion. He does a time-jump which is supposed to be a meditation, but it goes wrong, and he finds himself in a parallel world about to embark on a mission as a heroic knight: a mission that he does not want, as he is more of a mystic than a warrior.

He encounters Emin, an advanced magician who offers to help by swapping places with him, leaving Jasper in his retreat up in space. As the adventure unfolds Jasper must use his emerging magical abilities to return to the planet, and there fight against aliens who are threatening its people and the girl he loves.

Novella channelled from the muse Ino

Maurice, an idealistic painter, is pulled into an art fraud against his will. It is the 1950’s, the time when Austin Spare was alive, and the premise of this book is that artists had already been painting magical sigils for millennia. So Maurice seeks a solution to his problem through a sigil spell. Meanwhile the crisis of the fraud uproots him, wrecks his domestic life and drags him across three European countries as he flees the revenge he fears.

Short Story Collections

Chaos Dreams 1 front cover for Smashwords

Short stories channelled from the muse Ino

Each of these creates an vivid and enchanting world, sometimes in the past. Some of the stories have a narrative style that roves around observing. The tales are a showcase for Ino’s unique views about human beings; her observation of people is very sharp, yet with a motherly quality.

Chaos Dreams 2 smashwords cover

Some of my own short stories.

The common theme  is the astral plane,  the realm of the dead and the plane of dreams.A murdered child tries to contact her mother.
A solitary student has lucid dreams, but they trap her in an oppressive forest.
On Midsummer Night an occultist meets his true love; can he use the film he is making to win her from another man?
Enjoy these and two other tales.

chaos dreams 3 -smashwords cover

Three short stories:

Eoss and Bidskimmer: a servitor and an egregore make life much better for a group of young people. Hypersigil for the Aeon Project of 2014.
Arcana. A hypersigil about a lady chaos magician /game designer, her cute servitor, tarot cards, an angel and a demon.
Beads Falling, Falling Into A Design. (Channelled from  Ino.) The story is narrated by a spirit from the mineral kingdom who finds herself within a bead in a ladies’ necklace, and through this becomes closely involved with a human family.

Four tales of occult fantasy, two written by myself and two channelled from Ino.

Jenny Peg Doll is a fable about a doll whose life is all work and no play, two artistic and creative girl ghosts,an eccentric psychic and a muse.
The Peat Bog tells of a farm brooded over by the creatures of the Cthulu Mythos.
In Hypersigil Bubble, a chaos magician alters the entire landscape of outer London by mistake.
Marina is the story of a band of spirit pirates who make mischief every spring, related by their captain.

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Five short stories of surreal and slightly dark fantasy.

An ancient legend meanders into strange directions. An inner demon seems to depart- but has he really gone? Alchemical fantasies sweep one man’s world into disarray. A living doll yearns to escape. Trading in crystals leads to an unexpected magical drama.
The last two are channelled from the chaos muse Ino.



 My popular PDF about my past lives is now available as a free eBook. A lot of people downloaded the PDF, especially after it was highly  recommended by one of the moderators  on an occult forum. In a concise style it describes my adventures as  a demon, a warrior in ancient India, a sacred cat in the time of Moses, a scholar in Medieval England, a witch during the English Civil War and a Quaker in the era of slavery.

The account focuses on how the Law of Karma works, and gives insights into some important world events. This edition is re-edited and also has added end notes, which give more details about  consequences in the present day.

I  don’t classify it as fiction like my other books; it is intended to be an esoteric book, influenced by Theosophy and other branches of the occult.