I have been writing a trilogy of books based around the Horse Goddess Eoss under my other pen name Lena Chere, and this is now complete.

The books are all available both as Ebooks and paperbacks.  The Ebook versions of Books 2 and 3 are now free on the Smashwords site. However, Book 1 was released by a different publisher so I can’t make it free. They are all stand-alone stories, and there is no need to  read Platara Mountain first.

Platara Mountain paperback cover

Eoss Trilogy Book 1.

Imagine magicians of the modern-day internet becoming involved with a parallel world where human beings are still in the Stone Age. Imagine this involvement precipitated by a kind but much-feared Horse Goddess who was created on Facebook.​​​​​​​
Alexandra has just left school and is looking for love and a vocation in life when that scenario becomes her reality. She comes to care deeply about both the Horse Goddess and a young family in the parallel world. It dramatically reveals her past and changes her future , transforming her into a magician.

See this link for places to buy ‘Platara Mountain’. https://books2read.com/u/3Jyxdv

Mount Clexa

Eoss Trilogy Book 2.

This is a book of serious occult fiction,  told in the first person by Clexa, the daughter of the Horse Goddess Eoss.

Bound to a magician in service, she finds herself forced to explore the aethyrs of the Enochian magic system with him, and  to carry out a revenge curse on a  girl when she would prefer to spare her.  Clexa thinks for herself about how to interact with the human beings she meets and also the aethyr guardians, and this results in her being chased and harried across the inner realms, so that she has to evolve much faster than she anticipated.

See this link for places to buy ‘Mount Clexa’: https://books2read.com/u/mqVKn8

Silver Manes ebook coverEoss Trilogy Book 3.

This is the final book in the trilogy about the Horse Goddess Eoss, who was created by chaos magicians. Like the others, it is serious occult fiction about real magic.
Arran is a Kabbalist, a young professional man from the UK, and his accident comes at a critical moment in his love life. It also serves to deepen his emerging connection with one of the kingdoms of Hell.
He enters into an extended coma, which becomes a test of character both for himself and for his secret enemy, Jez. As Arran learns lessons about love and about the phenomenon of archetypes, many of the people around him get the opportunity to petition a Wishing Horse for three wishes- or for anything else they want.

Links for where to buy Silver Manes: https://books2read.com/u/ba2K7x

Paperback editions of the books:

my three paperbacks