A scholar who I admire, Baal Kadmon, recently commented that during every pandemic people always say it is the Apocalypse. That may be true, however on those other occasions, there was no climate change. That’s why I think this time it is real, it really is the Apocalypse, to which mankind has contributed by causing climate change.

My most recent novella ‘Time Gate’ was inspired by these thoughts. However, it never mentions the Apocalypse, nor does it mention the coronavirus. So many other people must have written stories that do mention these things, and I wanted to be completely original and different. Last week I created a Kindle edition, and I posted the opening section on my Fiction Aeon blog here. https://fictionaeon.wordpress.com/2021/08/23/time-gate-now-on-kindle/

The whole novella is available free of charge here. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1078615

I am mentioning it again in the hope of reaching a few more readers.

The themes of the story are time travel, reincarnation from a primitive shamanic society, and explorations around being female. It also refers to some real places and individuals- one of those ‘all names have been changed’ stories. It is my shortest book, and you could probably read it over a couple of coffee breaks.

Wishing everyone a nice place to live after the Apocalypse!

The photo has two connections with the story, one of them obscure.