My brand-new novella Time Gate is now published and free to download from the Smashwords site.  Smashwords – Time Gate – a book by Candy Ray


Lydia and her girlfriend Moona are classical musicians with a strong interest in the esoteric. Lydia encounters a time travel current which can change her destiny, and her destiny is also linked with a past life in pre-historic times.  When true love and her time of death are in the mix, it is vitally important that she learns how to manipulate the timelines.

The story is told by Lydia and like my other books it is based on magic and the occult. However, this one has a dystopian shade. It also has an LGBT theme (which is unusual for my books) although it is not erotic.

I have updated the list of my other publications to make it clearer and more concise, and this can be found at the end of the book.