Tomorrow we have that rare astronomical event- the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in which they will be both closer together and more visible than they have been for 800 years, occurring at the Winter Solstice.

You might have noticed that for a while now I have been saying that it is the Apocalypse. Maybe you think I’m mad, like those people who walk around with a notice saying, ‘the end is nigh.’  

It occurs to me that this conjunction might symbolise the meeting of God and Satan who confront one another during the Apocalypse. Jupiter is roughly similar to God, being a chief of the other gods  who wields thunderbolts. Saturn has a similar name to Satan and is associated with restriction and limitation. Although some might say Jupiter and Venus would represent God and the Devil better, because nowadays a lot of religious thinkers equate Lucifer and Venus.

I don’t only speculate about these things; I also discuss them with angels because I can do mediumship and telepathy.  Mostly the angels say that because times have changed so much since the Book of Revelation was written, everything is happening differently from the way it was predicted in the first and second century AD. Climate change is a factor now and it could end the world, due to mankind’s mistakes and not due to the world being deliberately terminated.

The New Earth is a subject that I find very intriguing. A New Age lady who I follow on the internet says that the New Earth has already been made on the fifth dimension and people have already started to go there. Recently more than one angel has suggested to me that all it means is a part of Heaven set aside in preparation for a lot of people all dying at once, so that they can go to a place which looks like the Earth which will make them feel welcome.  After all the third dimension is physical reality, the fourth dimension is the astral plane, and the fifth dimension is the mental plane which has always been treated as meaning Heaven anyway. So, no change there.

It is possible to get into a state of mind where you actually feel excited about the idea of impending disaster, maybe because it’s something different from boring routine. I really hope that is not my state of mind. I wouldn’t want to wish a disaster on anyone. But I do think an ice-melting event followed by tsunamis is a possibility, unless we do a lot more than we are presently doing to prevent it. Because the population is so high, a large number of people would have to be placed somewhere comfortable and pleasant. Those who have died in our apocalyptic plague might have been placed there already and are being cared for there.

Below is a picture of the New Earth which I found somewhere on Facebook. Earlier this year I posted a photograph which someone had taken of the Four Horsemen. (See my blog entry ‘Chaos.’) No-one paid much attention to it and I expect even if I was famous and I shared it and millions of people saw it, they would still think it was an optical illusion. But I don’t think so.

I often wonder if I belong more to the Kabbalist system or more to Paganism. I studied Paganism and Wicca for several years and practised them to some extent, before I became interested in chaos magic around 2014. The lovely being who is known as The Goddess said to me once that if mankind was to destroy the natural environment, she would cleanse it with the four elements. That would mean several thousand years of volcanoes and fires, several thousand years of floods, several thousand years of whirlwinds, and then restoring the soil and the forests. At the end of it, the third dimensional Earth would be restored and able to be inhabited again. But I’m sure you will agree with me that we shouldn’t wreck an environment so that it has to be restored- that suggests that we would just end up wrecking the next physical place we went to as well. We should start looking after the natural environment.