So, what have I been up to lately? I am totally out of material to post. During these stressful times of the Apocalypse I haven’t felt like writing very often, and most of what I have written has been produced for classes and performances on Zoom and has already been posted here.  Zoom is great in many ways. Unlike attending a live event, I don’t have to stay up late (which I hate as I’m a morning person) and then fumble around with my mobile phone calling a taxi to get home.

 I’m working on a new novella called Time Gate, about timelines and past existences. It is going to have some autobiographical sequences but with the details changed and partially fabricated. It’s strange how I started out writing fantasy and now I feel drawn more and more to using and reworking real experiences, both physical and visionary. This book has been progressing very slowly, as my novellas often do at first. I am one of those writers who only feels inspired intermittently, and it’s no use writing at other times because it comes out as total rubbish

Ino is still writing her own stories. She started on a longer work many months ago, but I have to be honest and say that I don’t like it very much, so I haven’t been working on it. At one time I would have been frightened that she would eat me, but our relationship has progressed since then. We may end up concentrating on flash fiction, as that seems to be what suits us best when we write together.

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I’ll update again when I have got more news, or more material.