Happy Halloween to all my readers, and I hope you did something fun and spooky. I read out some creepy 100-word stories at an online Spoken Word event. They are already on this blog- (see my pervious posts Dark Drabbles and The Doorstep.) There was another one called ‘Neck’ which I didn’t read out, as it was too disturbed. Here it is, and I apologise if it upsets anyone.

If the string of beads catches on the door handle, will it break or will my neck break? The beads are heavier than normal ones, and my neck is lighter than normal. The vertebrae are like beads strung out along my collarbone and if one is a popper bead it might just pop out of its socket.

Hanging oneself from a door handle is never an option, even when the door is at the top of a flight of stairs, and strangulation from racing through the corridor is a rare event. Bladed choker beads would cut my head off best.