My ‘girl’ is demure, a mystery;

The gate of mystery in the east.

My ‘boy’ is slender, a wiry youth:

Lives hard, loves hard, a blond at the feast.

Today I want to be

The third person, third man,

Invisible man, quartered man.

The third person you’d ever suspect-

Third in the race, and they also ran.

The third choice after the two

That are obvious, the binary pair.

Today I am in the third person:

Pray that you are the first two there.

This was a poem I channelled from Ino. It forms part of a PDF collection of nine short poems by myself and Ino which I made available four years ago, which has been quite popular and downloaded many times. Ino’s contributions sound very demonic, so I called it ‘Fallen Feathers’- as you do! This PDF is still available- you can download it free here.

Our flash fiction has been added to this blog as the Flash Fiction Archive::see

Painting of Ino’s sigil is by Dan Knudten