As you may know I’m an occultist, and my main interest is in spirit beings. Around 30 years ago I met a spirit. He can appear in a variety of ways: either as three women, who were known by the ancient Greeks as the Three Furies, or as one male, or as one female. He gave me some information which I used in the first chapter of my book ‘Alchemical Journey’, which is an autobiographical account of my previous lives. I wrote this song about him, called ‘Waterfall.’

Is it you, wandering

Streets that change in twilight?

With your gifts, those tokens rare

That I saw by firelight.

Dancers you sought,

Poets out of themes,

In the waterfall

In the waterfall

Lost their dreams.

Carry me on a breeze

Over banks of heather

To a wood thick with elves,

Rain and stars together.

There horses sleep,

Manes in ringlets stream:

In the waterfall

In the waterfall

Plunge our dreams.

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