Happy Summer Solstice! A few years ago I wrote this story. It was based on some of my own mystical experiences and dreams, which puts it in the category of Visionary Fiction, plus my ambitions to make a film while I was a student, which never got made in the end.! This story was included in ‘Chaos Dreams part 2: Astral Tales’, one of my free books. Here is the beginning:

  1. Monni the Dream Lover

Malcolm put the hand-held camera back in his rucksack and sat down on the spiky grass which pierced him even through his hiking trousers. He had been out all day working on his film ‘All In A Day’s Midsummer’, and it must be authentic. He had to film it today on June 24th, 1985, when the foliage and undergrowth still had that particular look.

How could night be falling so quickly on these the longest days of the year? The 21st was the Summer Solstice, closely followed by Midsummer Day which was associated with mischievous fairies like Titania and Puck, and the magic spell to see the face of your future true love, reflected in the waters of a lake.

As soon as Malcolm peered into such a lake he would be scrying, like a magician in the Enochian system who scries in a crystal  and enters into the aethyrs. The angels in Aleister Crowley’s account ‘The Vision And The Voice’ were like grandiose figures from the Book of Revelation: so different from the fairy girl who stood before Malcolm now with her soft eyes and hair, both of them brown like a fallow deer, and her dress a sparkling yellow and green. She was the guardian of a gentler aethyr which began at the hollow pit in the centre of the rapidly darkening undergrowth, here at the heart of the wood.

It was barely an hour ago that Malcolm had been singing one of the songs from the soundtrack of his film, matching it to the camera sequences:

Am I dreaming or am I awake?

Is the forest real?

Will it be here tomorrow?

Is it just a place where wanderers come

To receive what they will,

But with no reality tomorrow?

Now as the moon rose the fairy beckoned him towards the pit, and on reaching it he saw a second wood within the first consisting of many trees around a brooding lake, their branches laden with heavy leaves and reflected in the water.

“Surely this must be the lake in which you see your sweetheart’s face?” Malcolm wondered fleetingly how that line would fit on his soundtrack.

“Say the charm ‘the leaves are yellowing’ and my realm will come to you,” called out the fairy in a strong voice.

“But at midsummer the leaves are keeping their green,” he thought. “It should be fully three months before they start to change. Yet the guardian of this aethyr is telling me to say… the leaves are yellowing,” he finished out loud.

Then Malcolm was within the second wood with the reflected trees, and it was the fairy’s dress which yellowed, leaving only a few folds still showing green. Seen from closer this place wasn’t so overgrown; there was a clearing, and in that clearing stood Monni.

Monni had been the tea girl at a film studio- met once, briefly, while on a tour of the studio with a group of amateur filmmakers. But as soon as Malcolm saw her it was like getting a fixation on a movie star. This was his ideal girl, Monni and no other. Discreet inquiries had revealed that she was married- had got married at only eighteen, just after starting her job at the studio canteen.

Malcolm could have become obsessed with her, could even have started stalking her given the strength of his initial feelings; however he had kept a level restraint on himself and had managed to forget her- almost.

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