Thanks to those who liked my haiku and limerick. It’s just as I thought- people prefer mainstream writing. However, I insist on being perverse and writing mainly about the occult, spirits and magic. This week I’ve been studying ballads, which I have noticed are an ideal form for telling down to earth, gritty stories. But my mind goes a blank over those, so here is my ballad about two goddesses. It is a true story.


This is the tale of two goddesses, Snowflake and Leopardess,

And Pinecone, a god, who was Snowflake’s partner and loved her to excess.

None of the three were faithful; they all loved many others,

But Leopardess didn’t like Snowflake to glance at any of her lovers.


One day one of Leopardess’ beaus sent a letter to Snowflake.

“Let’s be penfriends, and let’s discuss love and life and fate.

I’ve heard you like to attend debates, and steam in with your views.”

“Yes, I’d love to,” Snowflake wrote, “we’ll give our take on the news.”


Snowflake exchanged letters with him, and dreamed about him one night.

Leopardess could SEE dreams, and said, “I won’t let you out of my sight.

I’ll follow you everywhere, Snowflake, to make sure you don’t meet HIM.”

Snowflake said, “my dream was sent by the witch Malevo-Grim.”


Leopardess didn’t believe her, and followed next afternoon

When Snowflake and Pinecone visited the Temple of Mirrored Moon.

They went into the temple and sat by the Pool of Moon

While Leopardess, loitering by the door, kept surveillance on the room.


Suddenly the witch jumped up, the witch Malevo-Grim.

She had been hiding in the room where light from the mirrors was dim.

She leapt like a tiger on Leopardess, and started to beat her up.

“This is our fault !” cried Snowflake, “because she was following us.


I am too gentle to fight that witch, so Leopardess will be crushed.”

The witch rained down blows, as round the temple room they rushed.

Pinecone cried, “run away, Snowflake! Run away, don’t look behind.”

As she ran, she could only imagine how this scene would unwind.


She reached the River of Death, and saw the funerary ship

Moored in the chill black water, for no-one was on that trip.

“I couldn’t help,” she thought, “so I will send the ship instead

To bring back Pinecone and Leopardess, the same way it carries the dead.”


She commanded the ship to sail upstream, and waited for its return.

Ten minutes later the ship came back with Pinecone at the stern.

He had his arm around Leopardess, holding her shoulder tight.

Leopardess looked all beaten and bruised, and could barely stand upright.


Leopardess pointed at Snowflake. “O, she who ran away!

She would not stop to rescue me. You alone, Pinecone, stayed.”

Pinecone replied, “she only ran because I told her to.”

But Leopardess said, “all I remember is that I was saved by you.”


Snowflake explained she had sent the ship, but Leopardess disbelieved.

“The ship sails by itself,” she said, “to comfort all who grieve.”

The three were safe, but now Snowflake became a suspicious one.

She didn’t trust Pinecone with Leopardess, unsure what they had done


When they were alone on the Ship of Death, despite her being beaten.

So thanks to the witch, both goddesses with jealously were eaten.

Leopardess suspected Snowflake, Snowflake Leopardess,

And she also suspected Pinecone, though he loved her to excess.