I came across this photograph which  was taken by ‘Dave Photography Australia’ on 22 October 2018, and shows the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

It was followed a year later by the terrible fires in Australia, then many severe wind storms, and now we have got  a world- wide plague. Something is going on, which I believe must be the Apocalypse. We human beings have probably triggered  it ourselves by damaging the environment. This isn’t an optical illusion just because it seems to be made of clouds- they WOULD come in the clouds.

4 Horsemen

For several years now I’ve identified as a chaos magician, and I want to say I don’t advocate chaos as it is happening in the world now. I always understood that the ‘chaos’ in chaos magic really means the ancient Greek concept Khaos, the void from which the cosmos arose. Cosmos came from Khaos, and then it was like the two were standing next to one another side by side, as I’ve seen them in some meditations I’ve done.

The real aim of chaos magic  is experiencing  the void that is the still centre, as in Buddhism and the rough equivalents to it  in Hinduism and Kabbalah. There is certainly no aim to cause chaos in society.

I’ve noticed that in all types of magic there can be a pendulum swing effect. For example, you might try to make a town more liberal to prevent prejudice against people who are seen as immoral. For a while it becomes much better, and then it goes the other way and becomes lawless. You need to find the middle way between the dualities, which is difficult to find in magic, and in meditation too.

The kind of meditation I like best and can do best is the kind where a story unfolds that you take part in. This is astral plane meditation, and I found that my stories were often like a soap opera with a new, exciting episode each time. It’s fun, but anything you learn dissolves like a dream when you move onto something else, and it isn’t as valuable as finding the still centre.

In mid-March I became  ill with what I believe was the coronavirus, and I quickly finished a book of short stories that  I had been working on and self-published it on 19.3.20, in case I died the following week!

It is called ‘Chaos Dreams 4’, but of course, that really means as in  ‘khaos.’

See https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1010349 to download this book free.