Good news this week- I had an author interview on the Risingshadow website for fantasy and science fiction books. It was arranged by Austin Macauley, the publishers of ‘Platara Mountain’, the first book in my trilogy of novellas about Eoss the Horse Goddess.

These novellas  were written under my Lena Chere pen name,  who was originally  supposed to be little more mainstream than my main Candy Ray pen name. However, the stories are still all about chaos magic and other branches of the occult, and in fact my character Eoss comes from a real life chaos magic project that I was part of six years ago. So that didn’t really work, making Lena Chere more relatable!

I also envisaged her as more professional, because as Candy Ray I do everything myself: writing, editing, publishing and covers (the  latter mainly provided by Justin K Pitonak, a chaos magician artist who I know on the internet.) But that didn’t really work either, except that the Eoss trilogy is available as paperbacks as well as Ebooks.  Apart from that,  it’s more of the same.

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