Ino and I have been working on some dark drabbles. A drabble is 100 words long, excluding the title.

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Piano Wire    by Candy Ray


The wires behind these piano notes are so thin that they must be made to slice, not to play a tune. I take one out and fashion it  into a weapon, and then use it to slice through an apple. Am I practising before cutting someone, or am I converting it into a cooking utensil, like a sword into a ploughshare?

Returning to my piano, I find it now has a dead note. That can do in place of killing something sentient, and during my concert tomorrow night my fame will be the sacrifice,  as the audience all boo me.




Monster Eyes

Witches can see ghosts, and ghosts can tell if you are a witch.  Zombies don’t see anyone, but they can smell the blood of the living. Vampires scent blood from a long way away, like sharks, so they do not need to see. The yeti, being an abominable snowman, is snow blind, while skeletons have dry and empty eye-sockets.

I suppose it was a waste of time to make that list. Whichever creature I decide to dress up as at the fancy-dress party, there is no need for me to go invisible. I might as well let everyone see me.


The Key   by Ino


It turned, but it scraped. The door splintered against the floor. No-one in this woodshed except two spiders, and no furniture except…the treasure chest. Dan lunged forward to grab the heavy box, but as  he passed the threshold a guillotine hurtled down, and cut his head off cleanly.

The owner of the treasure always used a booby trap when stashing it, and had indicated it on the map by sketching two boobs. Pity Dan thought it was a doodle in the margin, done by someone who loves the ladies. He only had eyes for the  key attached to the map.


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