It’s Advent, so I’m reposting this:


The song he was listening to proclaimed,

“The Christmas we get we deserve.”

Just what he loved: an alternative song

Making fun of the culture to which

His parents belonged.

That’s why he was here on his own at Christmas;

He shut himself up in his room,

Proud to be different and not to join in.

He’ll reluctantly put his head round the door

When the dinner begins.

Happy Christmas.


He tries to concentrate on his comic-

A rare collector’s edition.

But then he hears his sister’s laughter

Sounding so happy downstairs as

She opens her parcels.

Maybe he should go down after all,

Take part in this tiresome ritual.

The family might be afraid it is them

Instead of conventional customs

That he wants to condemn.

He tries to be resolute,

Not to give in,

But somehow, I think he will join them soon

With a bit of a guilty grin.

Happy Christmas.


Last year some people seemed to think this was a Christian poem, but it isn’t really. I do respect Christianity, after all my Mum was a Christian. But I’ve studied so many spiritual paths that are treated as the opposite, like Chaos Magic and Paganism, and it’s those that have been the inspiration for all my writing.