Boiled sweets filled the saucepan. She had just finished boiling them, like a witch stirring a cauldron full of multicoloured pebble-shaped lumps. Except that she wasn’t a witch, she was a fire-woman.

A fire-woman is nothing like a fireman. It means she could be a fire-starter, or alternatively, could put fires out. She could help with controlling forest fires, or with lighting  a stubborn candle.

She didn’t like to do it all with her mind. She wanted props, but subtle ones that no-one would ever suspect, even though they were right in front of them. And that was the point of the boiled sweets. They were just such props, all ready to pop into your pocket, or mouth, or someone else’s pocket or mouth, as an aid to starting and stopping fires. Be careful if she offers you a sweet.

boiled sweets


Channelled from Ino