What do you call a writer who doesn’t want to make any changes to their work for the commercial market?  Do you call them an amateur writer? If so, that’s what I must be. So from now on, all my books will be available as free editions, including the Lena Chere ones.

When I started writing  under the new pen name Lena Chere, I said that this time I was going to be more professional. I would use beta readers and editors, and I would submit my manuscripts to literary agents who, if they were willing to take me on as a client, would then try to place the manuscripts with publishers.

But I didn’t keep to any of those things, and I’m still doing everything myself, the same as I was before. Why is this? First of all, I find it very hard to collaborate with other people. I intended to do it this time, but it never happened.

Secondly, I write esoteric fiction which is aimed at a specialist audience. It isn’t quite the same as paranormal fantasy: werewolf romances,  angel romances and the like, which have become very popular both in books and on TV. My intention is to write  about real magic, not ‘Harry Potter’ type magic,  and to convey some of the same kind of  information that is found in non-fiction.

I work with the Muse Ino, fairy or demon or egregore or however you want to define her, and I think inspired writing is special and shouldn’t be changed too much . I’ve done my fair share of  attending classes and doing writing exercises, but it just isn’t the same as inspiration, which is more of a mild altered state of consciousness.

Sometimes I put in magical things, like hypersigils or a phrase that a spirit has said. Experienced writing critics can spot these, and they want to take them out, but that may well defeat the purpose of the writing.

The best place to look for the new free editions is here: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/lenachere5

and here for the Candy Ray ones, which have already been free for some time: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/candypinkray


Pictured: Free editions of the Lena Chere books: (eBook only)