I have decided to delete most of the archives of this blog, and to compile some of the flash fiction in a new free PDF. Here is the introduction to the PDF:

Flash fiction means a miniature story. We like to write these, and this is how we do it: Ino chooses a title, usually of only one-word,  and then both of us write a story based on it. Trainee writers everywhere will be familiar with this method, which they call ‘a writing prompt.’

Sometimes I get stuck, but Ino can always think of something to say, often something quirky or rather sinister. I’ve collected the best ones into this document.

You can download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qfrwi0rf83egxwl/Flash_Fiction_Stories_by_Candy_Ray_and_Ino.pdf/file

Photo shows the beach where I first started writing with Ino.

Beach by Hayling ferry