From today you can download my first novella The Wizard From Vahan, (fantasy/science fiction), free of charge. For the free Smashwords edition go here:

Smashwords cover TWFV

Jasper is an apprentice magician in a society of the future, where chaos magic has become the dominant religion. He does a time-jump which is supposed to be a meditation, but it goes wrong, and he finds himself in a parallel world about to embark on a mission as a heroic knight: a mission that he does not want, as he is more of a mystic than a warrior.
He encounters Emin, an advanced magician who offers to help by swapping places with him, leaving Jasper in his retreat up in space. As the adventure unfolds Jasper must use his emerging magical abilities to return to the planet, and there fight against aliens who are threatening its people and the girl he loves.