It’s National Novel Writing Month again.  Last year I took part by writing ‘Hypersigil Bubble,’ however, it didn’t turn into a novel- just a  short story!  Really different from my usual ones as well, a comedy romance which makes fun of chaos magicians. (And as you know… I’m a chaos magician.)

It was rejected by some chaos magic folks I sent it to- maybe they didn’t like laughing at themselves, and it didn’t see the light of day for a year. Anyway,  I’ve just re-edited it and put it on a free PDF. Click here to read it:

Update: this story is now included in my collection  Chaos Dreams 4 published in March 2020.

This is how it starts:

Brand raised his crayon aloft and told himself that this was his wand: his passport into the whole entrancing world of magic. He wanted to emulate Grant Morrison in every way; hence the crayon for drawing comic-book style pictures to go along with the words (soon to be called by everyone the awesome words) of his hypersigil. He completed three pages, and put in three intents. No, that was too greedy. One intent per chapter would be better, or even per book, although one per book would be the opposite of his original greedy draft: too stingy and austere.

He was about to rip up the one with the three intents, but then he paused. Had the magic started already? He’d better not tear up anything yet; just re-draft it later and sprinkle those intents liberally throughout the first half of the book, or quarter if he thought better of it again.

Brand, like many aspiring chaos magicians, loved to do everything himself: the writing, the drawing and either promotional videos or a book straight to screenplay (getting more ambitious now). Even the music for the soundtrack he was sure he could manage himself. Why, hadn’t he been singing just the tune he needed as the first track, in the shower this morning?

A collaborator would be good too. A girl, he decided- very beautiful and sexy. They would discuss the scenes they were going to write in bed, and then write them the next day. But maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t tell her yet about the hypersigil side of it- just that it was a new and fabulous graphic comic. Or maybe she would be a witch who had always wanted to get into chaos magic, and they would write the intents together……. but then half of them would be her wishes, not his. Or all of them. Reset- start again.