Ino doesn’t write poetry very often: she prefers stories. But when she does write it, the poems are very striking.  These two are the most recent, and her earlier ones are on this PDF:

Fallen Feathers ~(9 poems by Candy Ray and Ino):


Absent Birds

Where did the wren go?
Where did the swallow go?
They both ate the cherries
From the prefab tree
And now they’ve gone away.

Come back, Peter-
You saw the exodus from Rome,
And then you went away,
The wren perched upon your arm,
The swallow in your pocket.

Swinging freely on the swing
In the cage, from the age
When everybody left.
Now they should come home;
Now they must come home.



Ecology Biology


The otters did not learn

How to build the dam the beavers built,

Yet otters and beavers were often lumped together.

The wren did not learn

How she could be a bigger bird,

Yet the people made no distinction whatsoever

Between one songbird and another,

Tiny birds or pheasant-sized;

All of them were lumped into one pot:

One pot for cooking, or recording

On old-fashioned tape recorders,

Whether the song was a tuneful one or not.


If I take an animal form

I know that they will take for granted

Everything that most expresses me.

They will not heed my contributions;

Will not deem that my advice

Is something to be taken seriously.

So I stand in the farmyard lane,

Where meet the feudal world of fields

And modern days of information trails.

I’ll have to look more like a scarecrow:

Frighten miscreants into sense

Before they die, and blame me for their fails.