Deep Sofa

I lost something in the sofa.

Not a remote control:

Something abstract, part of my mind,

Long ago I was writing about

How I lost it in the sofa.

Why did I never finish the poem?

Did I ever feel I’d found it?

What was that precious part of myself

That was lost in the deep sofa?


Pick From The Box

Here’s one of Inos’s that I didn’t include in the  microfictions PDF :

She held out the box of folded up pieces of paper to me and said, “Pick from the box.” They looked like raffle tickets, but they weren’t: they were options in a party game.

I chose one and opened it out, and it said, “You have to pretend to be a gorilla wearing socks. If you do it right you will win a packet of toffees.”

“Whose idea is this?” I grumbled.

“It’s God’s idea,” she replied. “Still want to be a Lord of Chaos? The rest of us prefer to be his children.”