One Hand Clapping

I went to a concert and heard a band I liked, and afterwards I looked them up on YouTube. As I watched the video of the pub gig it was obvious that the audience hated the band. The silences after some songs, the scanty applause after others, the muttered heckling….it all sounded so rude. What a terrible audience! Didn’t they realize they were being recorded, and how it would look?

At my own gig I mounted the wooden steps to the stage, and as I climbed up I cast a spell on the audience to make them appreciative. Here there will be no silences, or only a couple of people clapping at the front, or patrons making rude comments under their breath. Never shall I suffer the fate of that band in the video!

The spell tasted like ash, and made me think of rats running in the dust. Ugh- caught on the akashic video. What a terrible performer! Doesn’t she realize she is being recorded, and how it will look?