Kite In The Sky

Don’t let go of the string on a kite. The string on a kite is an astral cord. Never paint faces on the sides of a kite, and particularly beware of making the kite into the shape of something recognizable, like a dog.

These are not my words: these were the strange instructions on my Chinese kite and they were under a flap in the bottom of the box where you would not immediately look for them.

It would be strange indeed to read these instructions with your new kite when you took it out of the box to assemble it. But how much stranger it is to read them five years after buying the kite, when you have painted your face on one side of the kite, you have given it to your toddler to play with, who constantly used to let go of the string, and you have had a clown at a children’s party twist the kite in with a sausage dog balloon.

My kite is flying today at the annual kite display, alongside many others that have been brought here specially and are in the shape of butterflies, bats, dogs and cats and Disney characters. My bad luck may have nothing to do with the kite. It has just won a prize because it is still conflated with the sausage dog balloon, and this is seen as original. Bubbles burst around my face, and my skin hurts. It feels like acid.


Another one channeled from Ino the Dark Muse. Remember you can read all 14 in her flash fiction collection here:


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