Ref. 100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups on the Julia’s Place blog.


Thinking positively made me a positivist like my father. As a leading Logical Positivist he was an inspiration for Mr Spock and many professors, although hated by philosophy students as they struggle to understand his beliefs, and mine too because I have added my own innovations to his.

They long to associate positive with cheerfulness and optimism, rather than a dry and dusty set of pronouncements that are so difficult to get their heads around that by the end of it they are dreading the exams- which is pretty negative.




2 thoughts on “Positive

  1. I love this! I had never thought of Mr Spook as positive but of course he was by using logic he never believed he would fail. Brilliant!
    Thank you for joining in the challenge. Do pop in again!


  2. I love the taste of irony in the morning (also in the afternoon and evening). Well done on getting so much of it in such a short work. I’m positively enamoured with this little piece!


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