Ref. 100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups on the Julia’s Place blog.


Thinking positively made me a positivist like my father. As a leading Logical Positivist he was an inspiration for Mr Spock and many professors, although hated by philosophy students as they struggle to understand his beliefs, and mine too because I have added my own innovations to his.

They long to associate positive with cheerfulness and optimism, rather than a dry and dusty set of pronouncements that are so difficult to get their heads around that by the end of it they are dreading the exams- which is pretty negative.







Annabel, you were my child in our game,

Like Annabel Lee who I couldn’t have named,

Like Anna and Bel who were cloistered together,

And I’ve heard Annabel is a Satanist name.


Annabel, you stood there in my trance

Frozen to trees, and then freed to dance.

You’d gone back to being Sally, my doll.

I recognised you and I gave you the chance.


Annabel now has changed into a monster.

Throw the doll by the leg; nobody wants her.

I see bright red when I say ‘Annabel.’

Ruth is red too, but I’ve lost her as sponsor.


Honeycomb: gold, crumbly, crunchy,

Powdered ochre hexagons.

Is this my beehive?

I came here on a bus.

This is a change!

Lost in a maze of nectar cells,

Where’s the terminus?

Looking for the hardstanding.

All I see is waxy caves

Forming golden honeyed walls,

Two rows of honeycomb home.