Chaos Princess

When she was born Lilith stood over her cradle and proclaimed, “I give this child the gift of being irresistible to the 72 princes.”

Twenty years later Jacinta sat in a spacious hall dressed in lilac and green chiffon, her computer screen before her. “I don’t want easy”, she said. “Never again. Easy makes my little sister’s world die. Let me show my mettle. A comedy animation! Here, this is the signature tune.”

“That’s the tune from the Wal-Mart advert.”

“Thank you! I treasure criticism. Criticism is my gold, O Muse with golden harp. I’ll try again. The clown needs adjusting too. Hey, Heyoka.”

A body on the screen opened out, revealing slimy red viscera. “The grotesque I do not like. Princesses hate pea in the bed, or pee in the bed. Yet our culture demands it. The golden pearl at the centre of my cartoon lyrical and brash by turns is not the laughter, not even when it slides into hysteria and unexpected gnosis. The golden pearl is me- and my kingdom- after this long work so wonderfully Not Easy, and so wonderfully not given on a plate with cherries.”





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