When I was a starry-eyed teen
I made a world from a TV series,
And a song with ‘ruby’ in it-
Was the meaning just for me?
When the original writers pulled it
Through the veil, a silvered mirror,
Did they see what ‘ruby’ joined to?
Was the meaning just for me?
Could be a fantasy or could be magic,
Give it a push to make it magic,
Rearrange the ruby, make it magic,
Then it won’t be just for me.


Sea Horse Sigil

Sea horse sigil,


Spiral chromosomes dance

In parallel strings.

His body like a curl

Of pitted wood.

Lazered by his amber

Animated eye

I followed his

Upspinning tail,

Zigzag through the

Waving arches,

Trailing seaweed.

Cartoon movements,

Constant flickers

Blazed him on my mind.

You Described The Horses

You described the horses

So the audience could see them.

I only loved the horses- I could not articulate.

You described the cherry cake

And a song from my childhood.

I saw the red, the village green,

Yet still I only loved.

The tasks of every day cover up frustration:

Over many years I forgot the unexpressed,

And the crowd who went unmoved,

And the phrase that went uncoined,

All forgotten till I met you.