Ben And Thor


As he jumped through the portal Ben thought of all his favourite time travel stories; then as he landed they were gone- they hadn’t been written yet.

The evergreen trees were clustered thickly on the slope, and coming towards him between the trees was Thor dressed in a traditional Viking costume. “You are going to fight me,” Thor said, “and the northern myths will change, and you will change.”

“I don’t want to fight a god,” Ben objected. “You will crush me.”

“If I tear you apart I will send one piece of you back through the portal,” said Thor, “and if you win your whole self can go wherever it likes.”

Ben drew a sword reluctantly, but then suddenly he was in a kitchen cooking MacDonald’s food. Soup slopped onto the floor, and a little row of mice watched from the yard, to which they had been banished to keep them away from the food.

Ben was confused. “Which outcome is this?” he asked. Outside in the restaurant a Ben lookalike ordered a meal. He was head of a specialist IT firm, and it was his lunch break.

“All outcomes exist at once,” said Thor.



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