The fairy saw her path to perfection as taking care of lemons and melons. The sigil writer cared only for the interchangeable letters in the two words ‘lemon’ and ‘melon’, and these were reflected stylistically in his vivid painting predominantly pink and yellow which he dedicated to the fairy.

It went up on websites and was much admired, and the fairy found her world changing as the once familiar fruits behaved strangely, rolling over and crushing her and showering her with sharp and sweet juice as she followed a trail of pips and seeds to the dilapidated shack in the local forest.

This hut became a sort of Blair Witch place that spawned fearful stories told mainly by the young. The fairy dreaded becoming trapped there, as she hovered under the platform which spanned the area outside the door like a front porch. She crawled out, only to be pinned once again by a succession of round and oblong fruit- related shapes.

Squashed under a boulder with her wings wet through and trailing on the ground like those of a damaged insect, she struggled towards the pink and yellow neon lights up ahead and finally, exhausted, found that her destiny was still perfection.


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