Cooking Lessons

Don’t betray my inner wild child.

Let us feed her gourmet dishes;

Don’t send her to cooking classes,

Never let her change.

Go outside and play with woodlice,

Squash some berries, build a snowman,

Read some books and try your best

To remember what you’ve read.


While the cooks mix bolts and rubbish,

Nuts and bolts, she bolts outside.

Take your books and mobile phone,

Take the chessboard and the doll’s house,

Don’t come in to do the housework,

Don’t come in to die.





I stood on the roof singing.

Now I’m a bird, or I have a bird,
Or a little bird told me something,
Or I read about Chelsea Night on the roof,
Or I found a leak in my life, in the roof,
Or someone was killed when he fell off the roof,
Or it came in through a hatch in the roof,
Or the church lost its roof in the war,
Or something stuck to the roof of my mouth,
Or we made a spire by splitting the roof,
Or (memory of reading something grim!)
There were flowers that bloomed in the attic.

Purple Flowers

Lavender essential oil, heather perfume drops,

Not for old ladies- sweet and magical.

The purple swish on banks and moors of these fragrant flower clumps

Drifts across the air between white-starred fields in breeze.

When distilled to purple bottles, porcelain pot-pourri jars,

Rub in cream of lavender, softening my fingers.

Wild cologne of hillside heather brush onto my cheek.

Sprite that loves the lavender, come inside and watch me draw

Only flowers, purple flowers, all for younger ladies.